Wednesday, November 25, 2009

this blog is now dead

dear friend, family and all random visitors, thank you so much for following us on this blog. this blog has been actually dead for quite a while. the reason is that we are moving to a fresh new blog/site with nice design, big pictures and new features. so if you are ready, please jump in!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Carmel v uteraku

Dnes sa Carmel clapkala vo vanicke v obyvacke :)

Carmel was having a bath in our living room today :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We spent our holiday in Italy, the very south - Calabria. The beaches in Calabria are perfect. No sand that would stick on your wet skin but a warm white gravel that grabbed attention of the smallest ones. They could play with it forever. The purpose of our holiday was Simona+Robert's wedding. You can see this lovely couple in Jaro's new website.

Here are some pics.

Tropea. A beautiful city.

A piece of Carmel.

I was wondering if there are any wheelchairers in Pizzo. It's so wheelchair/buggy unfriendly! :)

Swordfish. The best quality fish I have ever had.
Old-skool cousins :)

The Slezakovie rodina
Trip to Etna. Long journey (to Sicily) and short stay - it was raining and freezing!
The main carpark in Etna. We did not go up to the main crater mainly because it was very very cold but also because it was expensive. I think it is an offence to ask 50 euro per person just for the lift+jeep to the top of Etna.
Curvy drive to Etna car park.

Piedigrotta di Pizzo. A church digged in a rock

View from Simona and Roberts apartment

This was the best beach I had ever been to.

Access to the beach.

Nina turned one in Italy.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ako sme doma zabijali nudu

Je maj, ale pocasie vobec majove nie je. Stale prsi, dnes o jedenastej doobeda auto ukazovalo 3 stupne celzia, vonku sme boli naposledy pred tyzdnom. Tak vyvijame rozne indoorove aktivity. Dnes sme nikam extra nesli, lebo nam Jaro odfrcal na aute na skusku (nacvicovali, idu hrat jednej tete na okruhle narodeniny dnes vecer.) Doma nuda, Carmel stale vymysla, tak som sa pridala a vymyslali sme spolu. Najprv rozne prikryvky hlavy, co sa jej velice pacilo, lebo som ju vzdy odfotila a potom ukazovala, ako vyzera. Potom sme sa fotili aj s kamoskou babikou a potom to Carmel prestalo bavit a zacala unikat zo stolicky, tak sme fotenie rychlo ukoncili a sla som ju zachranovat, nech sa z tej stolicky nezrype.

Here are some pics from today. We were so bored at home (and couldnt go anywhere because Jaro took the car and abandoned us - went to a band practice) that we started to do many "funny" things like wearing funny hats and taking pictures. Here are some of those:

Monday, May 04, 2009

portrait session: fiona

i shot an portrait session today - ehm yesterday. the weather was all seasons, raining + sunny. thanks to fiona who is weather and danger (see 1st photo) resistant is was all good fun!! if you think you may know her, well, you might be right! now i am going to bed cos i am running the 3.2miles relay in just couple of hours ...ouch!